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4-22-02 @ 4:27
Argggh! I'm so sick of people telling me what they think I should do. What I should wear, where I should work, who I should marry, what I should or shouldn't listen to or watch. Arrrghhh. Only God knows. Give me a break!
Words to fit my mood.
my TV and you, it's the only place to be, nothing else to do, nothing else to see, a room without a view, has so much for me and you, i was born to stare, at stars on ceiling walls, it's all i need, it's all i ever needed, until the world is gone, take me how i am 'cause you know I'll never change, i was born to stare, at who stares back at me. if i make it up, to that big show in the sky, all i really want, is my TV and you. it's all i need it's all i ever needed. until the world is gone. - dah dah dah it's all i need. it's all i ever needed. my love for life is gone Yep that's how I feel, it's sad. The one I love loves me for me. (I wish I had comp and him no tv lol)Now the rest who trying to control me is making me hate living.