Fun    Stuff!!!

If you need a laugh or you're just plain bored, here is a list of fun things to do on the web!

Lamia's Vampire Joke Page
Joke Page


Ryche My World's Toy Box
Bill Kendrick's Online Games
MSN Gaming Zone
Prize Central
I love this one...

Postcards & E-mail Fun Pages!

Personalized Queensryche Cards!
Visit the gothic cards of Roses and Thorn's Wishing Well.
Virtual Presents
All 4 Love Postcards
Oh My Goodness!
Pacific Products Greeting Cards
123 greetings
link 4 U
just say wow!
Chris Degarmo Cards

All Kinds 'o Stuff..........

Missy's Unicorn Gallery
See how smart you are...
On Line Coloring Book
Really coll site with games, cards and more!
The Dialectizer!
Convert English text to any of several comic dialects.